Alquist framework

"Create the bots you always dreamed of!"

Bot Creation framework

Alqusit is a dialogue manager allowing to create variety of bots for many platforms such as Facebook Messenger etc. Create a dialog, select buttons to display, wait for user's input, call REST services. All is easily scripted in YAML see examples

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Run Alquist

Follow these simple steps to create the first bot!

1) Install Docker

2) Get Docker image
$ docker pull alquistmanager/alquist

3) Get example dialogues
$ git clone

4) Run Alquist
$ docker run -t -v C:/root/alquist-examples:/alquist/bots -p 5000:5000 alquistmanager/alquist
Where "C:/root/alquist-examples" is absolute path to directory containing example dialogues cloned from GitHub in the previous step.

6) Open Client in browser

Is everything running fine? Let's create your first bot!

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Alquist is ready for you on the GitHub. With all documentation you might need!